Things To Consider Before You Get An Annulment

annulment requirementsIf your spouse obtained your consent of marriage by fraud. One of an example of this if you are deceived by your spouse to marry him or her to stay longer in the USA.

If your spouse has an incurable physical incapacity is also one of the grounds that can be used for an annulment case because you most likely cannot have children if your spouse is physically incapable.


The Husband and Wife Do Not Have the Mental Capacity

annulmentIf your spouse has an unsound mind if one or both the husband and wife do not have the mental capacity to know the marital proceedings at the time of the marriage.

If you or your spouse was forced to get married one spouse uses coercion, violence or any threats of violence to force one spouse into marriage. One example is blackmailing your spouse to force him or her to marry you.