Processing A Annulment

annulment and divorceDivorce process and processing an annulment is almost the same. An annulment petition will be filed by an attorney who has expertise in an annulment case, and the unfairly treated spouse can only submit an annulment case if the substantial grounds of annulment are met.

It is easier to convince the judge to annul your marriage if your spouse agrees to all of your request in your annulment papers however if your spouse objects the issue can become more complicated.


The Statue of Limitation for Annulment Runs

annulment time frameIf the statue of limitation for annulment runs, then you can waive any of your rights to annul your marriage as you cannot seek an annulment if the time limit has passed if this happens you should seek a divorce.

If you and your spouse had children and decided to have an annulment both of the parties should have an agreement for the child if your child is still minor.