The Traditional Way of Ending a Marriage

annulment processThe traditional way of ending a marriage is going through a divorce but going through a divorce is not only the traditional way of ending your marriage. If your marriage is not valid from a legal standpoint the court can sever the ties of the marriage with the process called annulment. The result of the annulment if passed is it make your wedding as it never existed.


Not All Marriages Are Suitable for Annulment

annulment groundsNot all marriages are suitable for annulment, and you need to meet the grounds for an annulment before you decide to file it. Some of the grounds for an annulment are incest bigamy and fraud. The court can merely the void the marriage if both parties are proven to be blood relatives and if the spouse is proven to have another spouse it is also good ground for an annulment to proceed and one of the spouses is also proven that it is not at the right age before getting married can be a ground for an annulment as well.