Sole and Joint Child Custody

Joint or Shared Custody

annulmentJoint custody is the kind of child custody were both of the parents share the decision making for their child from responsibilities and physical control. If the parents are separated, divorced, living even not married or also if they never lived together from the start.



Kinds of joint custody

  • annulment vs divorceJoint physical custody.
  • Joint legal custody.
  • Joint legal and physical custody.

Continuing the child’s contact to both the parents is the good thing about joint custody however it can trigger some of the burdens of the parents towards each other.

Sole Custody

Having the sole legal custody or sole physical custody of a child is the meaning of sole custody. If one of the parents is unfit to have the responsibility for a child the court will never hesitate to give the custody to one parent only a few examples of that are alcohol, drug dependency or neglect and child abuse charges.