Some of the Legal Grounds For An Annulment

annulment time frameIf you and your spouse lately discovered that you are not for each other or you think you married the wrong person it is not required to have an annulment. Here are some of the grounds to get your marriage annulled.

If the spouse is related by blood, if the spouse is proven that is relative it is a solid ground for an annulment.


If One of the Spouses Commits Bigamy

annulment and divorceIf one of the spouses commits bigamy, if one of the spouses is married and the other spouse was unaware of it, but there is an exception to this like if the first spouse is presumed to be dead or if the first spouse is missing or can’t be located for in five years.

If one of the spouses is underage, you can only get married if you are 18 and above if you don’t have parental consent in the date of marriage.