Annulment Process Explained

annulment groundsThe process of divorce is similar to the annulment process where an annulment attorney can file a petition for an annulment. Based on the legal grounds the aggrieved spouse can request a dissolution. However, there are issues that come with annulment like:

It is easier to convince the judge to annul your marriage if your spouse agreed to your terms but if your spouse objects for different reasons like child custody, spousal support, and property division can make things complicated.


Know if Your State Has a Statue of Limitation

annulment requirementsKnow if your state has a statue of limitation and if it does don’t wait too long to file a request for an annulment case but if the statue of limitation has passed you cannot file an annulment, but you may choose to file a divorce.

Both of the parties will still have the responsibility to support the children that they had when the time during the marital union there will also be a visitation agreement that has to be worked out.