The Final Deadline has Passed and Formal Judging has Begun

Every Photo Tells a story.

What stories do your photos tell?

You have a chance at:

$75,000 in Total Awards • Your Own Gallery Exhibition in NYC

A Feature in PDN Magazine • Exposure to a Global Audience • and more

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Share images that reflect your world

Share images that illuminate your perspective, your community, what you love, your travels - anything that reflects your world and experience. Select your best work, submit your photos and have a chance at over $75,000 in awards.


Show the world a day in your life

Show the world who you are through photos, projects, iPhone images, old polaroids or even a roll of film from a rediscovered disposable camera. Upload your shots and we’ll show it in a NYC exhibition. Every Entrant Guaranteed. Share your profile with your friends and fans and earn votes for your work. One photographer will be chosen from amongst the highest-voted entrants and will be deemed the Day in The Life Award Winner.

The Final Deadline has Passed and Formal Judging has Begun

The Grand Prize Selected
Photographer Will Receive:

A New York City Solo Exhibition & Reception

A Solo Gallery Exhibition in NYC + a Showcase at PDN 30th Anniversary Bash at PhotoPlus Expo

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

A $25,000 Cash Grant for You to Spend However You Like

World-Wide Exposure

A Feature in PDN Magazine Distributed Internationally

Plus Special Prizes for:

Category, Early Entry Awards Including Cash Grants + a Group Show Inclusion in NYC

All Participating Photographers Receive:

A gorgeous online portfolio, a package of exclusive gifts and discounts from our sponsors ($75 value), and a free digital copy of PDN Magazine.

The Day in the Life Selected
Photographer will Receive:

A Special Feature at a New York City Exhibition

A Gallery Exhibition in NYC + a Showcase at PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2013

Your Next Life Adventure

A Trip Around the World + $10,000 Cash Grant for You to Spend However You Like

World-Wide Exposure

A Feature on See.Me Sent to Over Half a Million People Worldwide

All Participating Photographers Receive:

GUARANTEED inclusion in a globally promoted exhibition in NYC with official documentation, a gorgeous online portfolio, a package of exclusive gifts and discounts from our sponsors ($75 value).

This project is presented by PDN Magazine and powered by See.Me. For over 30 years PDN Magazine has been a leading photography publication with global distribution. See.Me is the fast growing social network for creatives and has awarded more than $1.5 million in awards and grants.

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Previous Winners + Finalists
Braden Summers Braden Summers
Robert Utrecht Robert Utrecht
Ling Cheong Ling Cheong
Jason Travis Jason Travis
Alexia Sinclair Alexia Sinclair
Natalia Shaidenko Natalia Shaidenko
Hua Bai Hua Bai
Mark Gooch Mark Gooch
Kourtney Katanich Kourtney Katanich
Flavio Sarescia Flavio Sarescia
Desiree Pfeiffer Desiree Pfeiffer
Gerald Forster Gerald Forster
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We’ve worked to build a system for entry that is easy and fluid.  Below is a brief overview of how the competitions works.  For more detailed information, see our Frequently Asked Questions, read the Official Contest Rules or Contact Us with any questions you have.

1) Who is Eligible to Enter?

One Life is open to photographers 18 and older from anywhere in the world!  We are looking for all types of digital and film photography, including (and definitely not limited to): Fashion, Landscape, Travel, Candid, Digitally Manipulated, Artistic / Conceptual, Self-Portrait, Wedding and more!  We are looking for compelling images that tell stories as you envision them.

2) How do I submit work?

One Life only accepts submissions through our quick and easy online form. All applicants will receive a gorgeous online portfolio and will be eligible for the Story Award (does not affect the selection of the Grand Prize winner).  Portfolios are fully editable (you can change/add images and modify your bio) until the deadline.

The Basic entry is $29, and the Professional entry is $69. The Basic Entry makes you eligible for the Story Award and the Early Entry Award; The Professional entry makes you eligible for all of those awards, plus the Grand Prize award.

Every photographer who submits to One Life will be given an online See.Me portfolio to view and share with your social network and use as a professional resource.  After you complete your submission, you will be sent a confirmation email with your username, password, and direct link to your portfolio, which you will be able to start using immediately.

3) What Are The Submission Categories?

Upon entering you are invited to self-select what category your portfolio belongs to. This will only affect the Category Awards, the Grand Prize Award and Story Award is open to every category. This will only affect the Category Awards; the Grand Prize Award and Story Award are open to entries in any category. Every type of photography is welcome for entry.

People: Includes: Portraits, Self-Portraits, Conceptual & Candid photos, any image with a person as its central character.   
Places: Includes: City Imagery, Landscapes, Travel Photography,  any image with a place/location as its central theme.
Things: Includes: Still Life, Studio Images, Macro Images, Micro Images,  any image with an object as its central theme.
Ideas: Includes: Conceptual and Artistic imagery, Narrative Series, anything that expresses an idea.  

4) The Awards:

The Grand Prize:
This award is selected by our panel of esteemed judges from all the categories.  The Story Award collections have no influence on the Grand Prize selection.

  • $25,000 Cash
  • A Two Page Feature in PDN Magazine
  • An exhibition at the Photoplus Expo
  • An gallery exhibition at the See // Exhibition Space
  • A Feature Presentation on the new See.Me (formerly
  • An four page feature in the One Life Photography Annual Catalogue

The Story Award:

The Story Award award focuses on the story you tell (more so than the technical aspects of your photography). Viewers will collect their favorite photographers and help decide who will win the Story Award, so share your portfolio with friends, family and colleagues using e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools, and get your fan club to collect your works today! The highest collected artists will have their submissions reviewed by Artists Wanted to determine the Story Award winner, who will win a feature presentation on the new See.Me (formerly, a feature in the One Life Photography Annual Catalogue, and $7,500 in cash.

The Category Awards

Our jury panel will choose four Category Award winners in these People, Places, Things, Ideas.

Category Award Winners will be featured in PDN Magazine and on the new See.Me (formerly, exposing your work to tens of thousands of the most influential eyes in the photographic and arts communities.

5) Judging:

One potential Grand Prize Winner will be determined from among all eligible entries received by a panel of qualified judges, based on a rating system that considers uniqueness, skill, and ambition.  The entrant who submitted the entry receiving the highest score, as determined by our judging panel, will be the Grand Prize winner.

Eligible visitors to the site will have a chance to collect their favorite entries during the Online Voting Period. The entrants with the the highest number of collections will be reviewed by Artists Wanted, and one will be chosen as the Story Award Winner (pending rigorous vote validation). Public voting and collecting has no influence on the formal judging for the Grand Prize Award.

6) Use of Entry & Respecting Image Ownership:

Artists Wanted and PDN will not resell your work, or use your images for any commercial purpose outside the terms of the contest and the New York Reception.  Every image you submit is yours and you retain all rights to your images.

Your images will be hosted on our web server for viewing via your public portfolio and your images may be selected for special promotion in PDN Magazine, Artists Wanted, See.Me and other press/partner outlets.  For example, in the past major magazines and television outlets have run features on our photographers and we have facilitated that connection.  If a major press outlet approaches us to feature your work, we will contact you and work with you to craft the story to the highest benefit for you and your career.

Your images will never be sold to a 3rd party.  

Your photos hold the power
to inspire the world...

Submit your photography to the One Life Competition & A Day In the Life Awardn and have a chance at life changing awards including:

The Grand Prize

  • $25,000 in Cash
  • A Solo New York City Photo Exhibition
  • Two Page Feature in PDN Magazine
  • Publicity to Hundreds of Thousands of Photo Enthusiasts
  • Click Here to Enter

A Day in the Life Award

  • You Choice of:
  • $10,000 Cash or a Trip Around the World
  • GUARANTEED Exhibition of Your Work in a New York City Group Show with Official Documentation
  • A Feature in PDN Magazine
  • Publicity to Hundreds of Thousands of Photo Enthusiasts
  • Click Here to Enter
Meet Mathieu Asselin, winner of One Life 2011
Entrants can also be eligible for the Category Awards, the Early Entry Award and more. Every day we will be featuring the works of five photographers (maybe you), on our social channels seen by tens of thousands. Like us on Facebook or join our newsletter to see.


Your work will be reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges, including some of the top minds (and eyes) in the worlds of photography, culture and art. Click Here to have your work judged by our panel:

Geordie Wood

Photo Editor
The Fader

Andy Outis

Art Director of Marketing
New York Media / New York Magazine

Elizabeth Krist

Photo Editor
National Geographic

Mark Murrmann

Photo Editor
Mother Jones

Emilie Harjes

Photo Editor
Reader's Digest

Kristen Walsh

Art Producer
Arnoldnyc / Arnold Worldwide

John Gimenez

Contests & Events


For the A Day in the Life Award, we are looking for photos that tell a photographic story of a day in your life whether it be a special day, a fantastical day, a day in the future, or just plain old today. Whether they are technically skilled photographs or snapshots taken in the moment on whatever device was available, any portfolio is eligible to win this prize.

Share your profile with your friends and fans and earn votes for your work. Finalists for the A Day in the Life Award will be determined by the number of votes they have received. From among the list of top-voted finalists, our team will select a winner.


Additional awards will be given in four categories: People, Places, Things, Ideas. Our jury panel will determine which category your portfolio falls into and mark you for the award you are eligible for. Click here. for your shot at one of the following category awards.

People Includes

  • Portraits
  • Self-Portraits
  • Conceptual & Candid
  • Anything that is focused on a person in the image

Places Includes

  • City Imagery
  • Landscapes
  • Travel Photography
  • Anything that is most focused on the location or scene

Things Includes

  • Still Life
  • Studio Images
  • Macro Images
  • Micro Images
  • Anything that is focused on an object

Ideas Includes

  • Conceptual and Artistic imagery
  • Narrative series
  • Anything that expresses an idea.
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We will review early entries to be featured on our social media channels and awarded the $1,000 Early Entry prize. To be eligible for this award, complete your entry by: Midnight, June 28th.


Every weekday, we will feature photographers on our homepage and in our social media channels, seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Follow us on Facebook and see if your entry is featured. For a chance to be one of our featured photographers click here .

We are a world of infinite stories and unique perspectives.

Photography is our way to capture moments as we experience them. Everyone has a story - the One Life Photography Competition is your opportunity to show the world your story captured in images. Click Here to Enter.

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Previous PDN Events

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Videos of Previous Featured Artists

This is about your passion.

Our mission is to support your passion for what you create, what you do and what you aspire to. We’ve built a platform to support your passions from the simple to the sublime, from the artistic to the awe-inspiring. Share the best of what you do and gain recognition and support within the vibrant international community that is See.Me.

Thanks for being a part of Exposure 2013!

You are invited to an exclusive early entry period, which as just been extended to this Monday, July 1 at Midnight ET just for you. Please enjoy 50% off your entry, as a gesture of our appreciation for your hard work.

Every entrant who submits their work by Monday's deadline will be guaranteed a feature published on our Facebook page sent to hundreds of thousands!

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Note: After joining One Life 2013 you will be able to edit your submission ANY time before the Final Deadline in August.