How to File for an Annulment

annulment vs divorceThere comes a time a married couple decides that enough is enough as far as their marriage is concerned and that is the point they choose to part ways. Some couples opt to divorce, and on the other hand, other married couples decide to file for an annulment. The two are different in that the former terminates the marriage while the latter declares the null marriage void and it never existed. Additionally, annulment also treats the marriage as if it never happened contrary to the case of a divorce that leads to lengthy court procedures of custody battles, dividing assets and other emerging issues. However, one must have substantial proof to establish the marriage as void for a court to make a definite ruling.

Some couples decide to annul a marriage if they find that the partner was initially married to another person before they got married and if one discovers the partner is a relative. Other causes of annulment include impotence, a partner was of unsound mind during the marriage, and if the consent to marriage took place in a dishonest way to mention but a few. Many couples go through the above issues and look for directions on how to file for an annulment. First, the partner willing to register for an annulment must ensure that he or she has met all the legal grounds.

The Primary Qualification for an Annulment

annulment time frameThe primary qualification is to establish if the marriage was supposed to take place in the first place taking into consideration the qualifications as mentioned earlier of annulment. After determining the legal requirement, the spouse should ensure that he or she is the innocent partner in the marriage. If for example one was forced into marriage can immediately file for an annulment, but if he or she hangs on, the annulment can’t take place because the marriage agreement was retroactively approved.

The other thing is that one must meet the residential requirements meaning that the couple must have lived in that area for at least three months before filing for the annulment. Besides, the plaintiff must find out the legal limitations of the cancellation according to the city of residence. Some areas demand the application made within three months of the wedding ceremony depending on the reasons for nullification. This information might be available online, but it’s advisable to seek the services of a lawyer to help in the procedure if you live in Nevada you may want to visit Nevada annulment to learn more about annulment and they can offer their professional service as well.

To sum it up, many couples think that filing an annulment is the easiest and cheapest way to end a failed marriage. It’s good to mention that the process is difficult contrary to what many people think because the circumstances that allow the procedure are minimal and meeting the legal ground of the same is not an easy thing. Another issue that makes the process tedious is the state or the country’s legal framework. Initially, the couple might qualify for an annulment but maybe in one way or another they shift to another state or country and the laws of the particular country or state automatically disqualifies their case. Briefly, the best advice for any struggling couple seeking annulment is to find legal help as quickly as possible after their marriage to avoid future inconveniences.